Monday, July 30, 2012

Surgery Day

This was Daddy's third surgery in three months, I honestly couldn't believe he had made it through it all... Strength must be a family trait I suppose.

I had to go to morning work and a class on the day of surgery, but I called Daddy before and after work to tell him how much I loved him and that I'd see him when he woke up. I couldn't concentrate at work, trying to tutor a boy who really needed my help and I just could not do it... But I couldn't stress about that now, bigger worries on my mind... At least Momma wasn't alone while she waited, her brother, my Uncle Kevin came down from NY... He's my favorite uncle for many reasons, but especially for how he can calm Momma down no matter what, I love him for that. So, Momma and Uncle Kevin were at the hospital with Daddy while I was not concentrating through work and genetics class... Didn't help that there was this guy in my class who just hit every button I have with how annoying and frustrating he is, I'm sure I channeled some of my worries into ignoring his rudeness all throughout class... Still can't stand that guy... But finally, class was dismissed, I hadn't comprehended a thing so I brought my textbook with me to the hospital to read in the surgical waiting room. I tried not to speed but I was just so anxious to get to down to the city to the hospital... I think I had angels on either side of my jeep because I remember I didn't hit any traffic (miracle) and found a parking spot on the first floor of the garage (impossible)...

I put on my backpack and my purse full of all things on earth and rushed up the stairs of the garage and across the street, I jay walked, and almost ran over a few people to get through the stupid rotating door and to check in at guest services to get a wristband (those people are idiots), and then walked as fast as I could to the stairs to the surgical waiting room.

My Uncle Kevin was passed out with half a muffin resting on his gut, and Momma was in a newspaper... I dumped all my bags and embraced her... She is the strongest woman on this planet... And we just sat... And sat... And sat... The waiting is THE WORST...

To be continued

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