Monday, July 23, 2012

He Came Home :):)

Well, after two weeks of the nursing home and our insurance company battling, it was finally decided that Daddy would come home and we would follow up with oncology about starting a chemotherapy. We were so excited to have Daddy come home!! We had all the medical equipment delivered and everything was set up. When my mother was sick in 2008, she had to come home to a hospital bed too, so we knew how to have everything situated. A hospital bed in the living room, which has the bathroom and kitchen within 10 feet of it. We had everything ready for Daddy to come home ... Even dinner :)

One of our neighbors put a sign on the door while we weren't home as a nice surprise and I used window paint to decorate for the big occasion. We went to the nursing home and had to wait for their idiot doctors and nurses and the social worker to put together all of the necessary paperwork for him to be released, these people really cannot do anything correctly or efficiently. Mom had to hold the doctor's hand through the process, but we got it done. We wheeled Daddy down to the first floor and brought the car around. The car is very low to the ground so even with our help it was very hard for him to get in and out of, but we got him in and out of that nasty awful place. Daddy turned and said to me, "it feels really good to driving the opposite direction of the hospital, so good that all these bumps and potholes feel comforting instead of agonizing, let's go home."

We got to our exit and Daddy started to get really excited... We got to our neighborhood and our next door neighbor came out and welcomed Daddy home and helped me and Momma get Daddy out of the car and up out sidewalk to the porch. Our porch has two huge steps to get to our front door, but Daddy did it :) he used his walker and came right into the kitchen where we had set up his wheelchair, a wheelchair for TALL people so he could actually be COMFORTABLE, what a concept. I heated up some meatloaf I had made the night before and Daddy scarfed it up... Real food.... He was home, and we were happy.

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