Monday, July 16, 2012

A Rough Recovery

This surgery seemed to take more energy and life out of Daddy than the spinal surgery did. The breathing tube came out eventually, but it took a long time for the doctors to sign off on it coming out because Daddy's blood pressure and oxygen saturation levels kept going crazy. During he surgery the doctors had to deflate one of his lungs, it took almost six days for his lung to really start up working again. I was just glad that it never looked like he was struggling to breathe, to me that meant he was going to be okay. I just kept wetting his lips around the breathing tube and putting Chapstick on him.... Holding his hand, and talking to him, I just kept finding things to talk about, even if it was pointless because being silent in that room meant that you could hear the nurses gossip and the alarms from all the other patients, at least my voice was something better for him to listen to.

I would bring my homework and use the hospitals WiFi to complete all of my assignments. I never thought I would look forward to homework, but I did. Doing homework meant I was forcing myself to focus on a task other than fighting cancer, other than lifting Momma's spirits, other than pittying myself, other than keeping Daddy's thoughts positive... I could just leave my conscious mind, and throw my efforts into the academics at hand. Plus, it gave me something else to talk to Daddy about, even minor achievements like a good grade on a quiz and Daddy's face beams with pride, so I forced myself to keep going. Did I sleep this past spring semester? I really don't know.

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