Friday, July 27, 2012

Enjoyed it While it Lasted

Daddy was home, we had dinners together again, we played board games again, we watched our Gibbs at HOME:):)

I got to cut down my commute to Daddy by 40 minutes, so I also got to spend a lot more time actually spending time with him... I was enjoying it so much.

We had a follow up visit with surgeon from his kidney surgery which was in a building a few blocks from our hospital in the city, and he took out his staples and said everything looked good. Then, we had to wheel Daddy down to the hospital for a new set of cat scans. Well, that night they called... He had two new tumors. Each was in the head of the femur bone known as the ball of the joint. These tumors were jeopardizing his femurs and leaving him at risk for fracture. Once Momma heard that, they knew he would not be allowed to walk unless he absolutely had to... And, more surgery...

When we got home and received this news, I immediately started to make dinner for us and I had texted Ken about the new tumors so he packed us a weekend bag and was coming down for dinner too, no idea where my brother was, but I had taken on the responsibility for informing Brian of everything so I was trying to get him to come home for dinner for once. I had no such luck. We were all pretty silent, Ken did his best to crack jokes at dinner... Daddy always likes his jokes... I just had this overwhelming feeling of selfishness, I knew the surgery would help Daddy's risk of fracture so that he could work on walking again, but I wanted him to stay home with me... I wanted my Daddy all to myself...

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