Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rough Night

Daddy had quite the night last night. Mom woke up around 3am to a noise downstairs and it turned out to be Daddy shivering uncontrollably. She put up the heat and turned on the electric fireplace we bought for Daddy and covered him literally head to toe in blankets, still shivered for over an hour. The shivering finally subsided, and then he began to throw up over and over. Once he was done he was able to fall back asleep but Jerez.... These are the worst chemo side effects we have dealt with so far... I don't like it one bit!! He was doing so well with the full dosage of Sutent... This episode scares me to think that the doctor might take him off of it now... No good. I'm goin down to see him now and I have to mentally prepare myself for what I'm going to see... Hasn't he suffered enough? Why can't he just be better already? It's not fair.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Always Cold

Lately Daddy has been freezing cold, all the time. This is a symptom he has never had, and it's not a good one. Being constantly cold usually means that you are running a slight fever. A slight fever is his weakened immune system's attempt at fighting off cancer cells... Which would mean that there is growth... The news that we do not want. If his tumors are in fact growing, then the Sutent isn't working anymore and it is usually a kidney cancer patient's standby. I am so sick to my stomach writing this, I should be doing homework right now but I cannot concentrate what so ever. Our next scans are on March 6th... I don't know if my nerves can wait that long. At least Daddy will have baseball starting soon<3

Monday, February 4, 2013


Daddy has had a pretty bad day today. I got here early and we both fell right back to sleep. I woke up around 9, he was still passed out. He woke up when the cleaning lady showed up, but got right back to sleep. She's now vacuuming the stairs right next to his bed and he hasn't moved at all.... What really scared me was I made one of his favorite kinda of sandwiches and he hasn't even woken up to eat it yet. It scares me when he has days like this. There have been just a few thank goodness. It sounds horrible but I find myself checking to see if his chest is still moving because he is sleeping just so heavily. He is sleeping through some of our favorite episodes of Rules of Engagement ... There has got to be something wrong. He usually naps but not like this! Wednesday is a doctor appt, just a regular one... I hope he has enough energy to handle it.