Sunday, July 8, 2012


After Daddy was diagnosed, I cried for about ten minutes a day, for about two weeks. Once we had a plan of attach, I couldn't cry. I'd get sad, but no tears came even when I wanted them to, it was so weird. I didn't really know what to think of it, I guess I just started challenging my energies into finishing the semester and spending as much time with Daddy as I possibly could. I remember the first time I cried after his spinal surgery was when I left the nursing home one day. It took them almost a three days to get Daddy's medications all ordered and filled, luckily he tolerated pain very well as long as he didn't have to move. This one particular day was the day Daddy's pain medicine finally came, or at least Momma was told it had came. I had gotten to te nursing home around noon that day and Daddy said he still hadn't received any pain medicine that day. I went and bugged the people at the nurses station, they are only there to "yes" you to death, but it was really all I could do. Two hours went by and still nothing, so I called Mom. She callers our insurance case worker who then called the doctor at the nursing home. He came up to see Daddy and said that the nurses did not communicate to each other that the pain medicine had arrived and he apologized. If this happens to Daddy, the most lucid patient here, my heart ached for what was happening for these poor elderly patients. I just remember thinking, thank God for Momma, and I broke down crying as I drove through the tunnel to get back home. I hated the fact that I had to leave Daddy in such a disgusting place. One tech to every eight patients, one nurse to every floor which had over 30 patients. There is just no way that every patient in that place was getting the proper care.

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  1. I cried when I read this, about bad the conditions were...all those poor people who didn't have some one like you and your Mom in their corner...
    it isn't right to treat any living being that way