Sunday, July 29, 2012

Meeting with the Orthopedic Oncologist

We go through our usual issues and struggles, getting Daddy out of the house and into the car... Except this time, I had to be ready to lay out my body underneath of his if he were to fall, if he were to suffer fracture, he would most likely die of infection, so I had to be ready... I focused the whole time down our walk way, using my basketball defensive stance to be with Daddy every step of the way, luckily we made it to the car. Daddy was in extra agony today because every bump in the road e could feel the sensitivity in his hip joints where the tumors had invaded his femurs. I just kept one hand on his shoulder the whole ride... And of course we had to wait a good thirty minutes to get a wheelchair from the hospital lobby... Their front desk and transport staff is and was awful. But we finally got into the office we needed to be, in the cancer center.

The doctor came in, his specialty is surgery with cancer of the bones... Daddy's kidney cancer seemed to love living in his bones... The doctor began to explain the procedure to us, he would go in to the leg up at the top, outward of the thighs. He would then slowly insert titanium rods into both of the femur bones, while removing what tumor he could(if he could), and that it would take about three hours a leg plus anesthesia before and recovery after. He said that Daddy would be encouraged to get up on his legs as soon as his vitals became normal after surgery, Daddy liked this... So I pretended to be just as excited... But I knew that this surgery was really only to help Daddy to MAYBE walk again, not to treat his cancer, and we still had not begun chemo because of all the surgeries needed... Three in three months... My Daddy was being so strong through it all, so I pretended to be strong right along next to him... Tomorrow would be surgery day... I felt sick to my stomach

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