Saturday, July 14, 2012

More surgery

Now that Daddy was done radiation to his spine, it was time to take out his evil kidney that had started all this...

There was an 11 centimeter tumor on/in his left kidney, it had begun to infect his spleen and attached to a piece of his rib. They all came out. This surgery scared me, it was only my third week back at school for the spring semester, and somehow I was managing a 4.0 while only crying once a week. I remember sitting in the family surgery waiting area, that we didn't know about during the spinal surgery, and thinking to myself... If I can only last a little longer, maybe I'll find more energy somewhere.

As Momma and I sat waiting, I did homework and she read her NY newspapers she loves so much. She has begun buying them more often since Daddy's diagnosis, I think any feelings of home on Long Island give her small comforts. I finished up my genetics lab reports and went down to the cafeteria. Momma had found out that if we wear her work ID when we go to buy food, it looks like the hospital IDs, so we get employee discounts, which are still ridiculous prices... I don't understand overcharging people who are visiting sick loved ones, kind of demonic if you ask me. I paid, and went back to Momma's side. I could tell that she was fighting back tears while she was on the phone giving up dates to my Aunt, Daddy's sister. So I opened her chicken salad and began to feed her so that she didn't have to pile one more thought or stressor into her head.

After we finished eating, Momma found a way to fit on the midget sized benches for her to fall asleep. I began to text Ken when I saw the doctors coming our way. I shook Momma awake, she knew why without having to ask, we took each other's hands and held our breath. The doctor smiled as he said how well it all was, his resident that was very friendly with us hugged me and whispered , "he will look bad, be strong," in my ear. Every hour on the hour until midnight is when visitors could be escorted to go see patients while they're in surgical recovery. Daddy had lost 14 pints of blood during surgery, that's more than is in a normal human body, but our family is twice the normal human size... I knew this meant he would be in recovery for a while before being moved to
ICU. Momma went home, she had to work in the morning. I had this feeling that Daddy was going to wake up soon, and on the next hour's visit, he did:) He let out this sigh of agony, and then I saw the smile in his eyes to see me there. I told him what all the doctors had said, and I told him what his vital sign numbers were, and how much I loved him. Breathing tube again...

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