Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cancer is Not Contgious

After my Daddy was diagnosed with such an advanced cancer, my friends kind of disappeared. I had select family and friends that would check up on me maybe once every two weeks, and Daddy had select people calling him... But for the most part we were just on our own...

Yes, this is and was a rough time for us, but how long can you stare at the same faces and talk to the same people? Sometimes you need a fresh face... We felt so alone even though we had each other. I know if I didn't have Ken, I would not be in a good place. But since no one was stepping up for my brother, mother, and father, I had to be everything for all of them... I just couldn't understand people's perception of us... We are/were still the same people... Cancer is not contagious, so what were they afraid of? The answer is, their own emotions... Is it fair not to call or visit just because you know it'll make you cry? NO. It sounds harsh, but it's the truth.

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