Sunday, July 8, 2012

Post Op

Haven't blogged in a while, took off for my birthday. But here we go...

When Daddy came out from the anesthesia, he still had the breathing tube in because he was not taking in enough oxygen. He has sleep apnea, so when he would try to sleep, his oxygen consumption would go down even more since he was on the breathing tube and not using his CPAP machine. So when his oxygen level drops, the monitors in the ICU went crazy with bells and whistles, which of course woke him up!! My cousin Jill came to visit today and sat with us. You could tell the change in Daddy's eyes when he saw her walk in, I love the effect she has on him.

All we could do for days was to wet his lips and hold his hand, then finally the doctors said it was okay for the breathing tube to come out. When my mom told me this, I was at work. After work I called the hospital and got special permission to spend the night in the ICU, something they don't usually allow. I did not like the idea of being in the city at night, and the hospital parking garage is quite disgusting. But I got to the hospital and got my visitor wristband. In the ICU, you have to use a phone outside the unit door to be buzzed in and luckily the nurse that answered knew that I was coming and buzzed me in. Daddy was up watching TV when I walked in, I was so excited for him to be able to communicate with me. I just walked to him and hugged him and I hear an, "I love you my angel," in a deep raspy voice. His "jazzy voice" as we called it lasted a few weeks, I kind of liked it. Anyways, I grabbed a pillow and hospital blanket and dragged the chair over next to Daddy and we fell asleep.

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