Wednesday, August 1, 2012


We waited and we waited, and finally one of the surgeon's residents came out and told us that they were half way done with the surgery, so they had to flip him to the other side and complete his second leg. This was a good thing because there was a chance that if the first leg went wrong, then the second leg would have to be a second surgery all together. So it was good news... But for some reason I wasn't happy to hear it... The only good news I wanted to hear was "cancer free", but I knew I'd probably never hear a doctor say those words about Daddy... So I forced a smile and my Uncle Kevin made me take a walk and get some coffee with him. He was always good at taking my mind off of things.

A few hours later, the surgeon came out and told us that everything went well, and that Daddy barely needed any blood which was a HUGE deal because the last surgery, he received 14 units of blood... Almost the same amount of blood that is in his entire body. He told us that Daddy would be in recovery for at least the night because the orthopedic floor didn't have any available beds. Every two hours they'd let you visit in the recovery room, so Momma and I went back... He was AWAKE, this was the first surgery he'd had that he was awake in the recovery room when we went to see him. But, he was in some serious pain and discomfort, doctors always have a hard time giving him the correct amount of pain meds because he is like treating two and half normal sized people... It hurt me to my core to see the pain in his face, then he said to me that he didn't think the pain was worth it.. That even with titanium rods, he'd never get to walk normally again because of his spinal tumors... He started to cry, I saw Momma start to cry, and I just held my breath so that I wouldn't cry too... Took one of each of their hands, and sat there until close to the end of our visit time. The doctor came around and gave Daddy a pain medicine that would knock him out until morning, so we said our good byes and Uncle Kevin took Momma and I to dinner for Burgers and then we went home to watch out Giants win another playoff game...

I slept in Daddy's hospital bed in the living room, keeping it warm for him. In the middle of the night, I heard Uncle Kevin's voice, "hey kiddo, I got called in I have to go, I washed some laundry for your Mom you need to fold it, stay strong angel." I couldn't fall back asleep, so I went and got in bed with Momma... She reached out and held me and I fell right back asleep.

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