Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I can't believe this is our life.

My family never deserved any of this, my Daddy does not deserve this death sentence. I don't care what anyone says, our world has so much potential at its disposal, cancer should not be a problem anymore. Find a way to suppress oncogenes and turn on tumor suppressor genes. Why is that still so hard to do? Why are the side effects of the drugs we do have, so horrendous? The mouth sores make it so the patient can barely even eat. The fatigue ruins every day. This should not be our life, no one should have to live this way. It is very hard for me to say, but I have lost a good bit of my faith with all of this. It is purely inconceivable to me how anyone is supposed to handle a life like this. Is this really a life worth living? I am being greedy and stubborn when I say that I want my Daddy around, because the truth is he deserves pain free peace.

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