Sunday, October 21, 2012

Holiday Weeks

Sutent is 4 weeks on and 2 weeks off. Our oncologist calls those 2 weeks off, "Holiday." It usually takes a week for the Sutent side effects to subside, so Holiday is really only that 2nd week. Daddy bounces back, his coloring evens out, his appetite comes back, his energy level spikes so remarkably. I love this week, mainly because Daddy is awake more during the day when I come to visit and we get to watch out nerdy tv shows together on Netflix and play board games and just talk about school and how much better he is feeling that day. That 2nd week always gives me hope, seeing Daddy bounce back... It is just that, hopeful. I start to think maybe this is worth it, maybe the cancer is being beaten up by the Sutent just like Daddy's body is with the side effects of it and him bouncing back so well is because there is less cancer. Yet on the other hand, I have to be prepared for the worst to protect my sanity.

I really do try to be hopeful, Holiday is so always so nice. I can actually make Daddy a fancy sandwich or bring in pizza for lunch because his mouth sores have subsided enough to tolerate real food. Holiday also means that Daddy is usually comfortable enough to sit up in his wheelchair for longer periods of time. Last Holiday Daddy even made Momma a microwave dinner and a cup of tea and was sitting up in the kitchen waiting for her when she got home from work, she loved it so much. I was proud of him that day, I'm proud of him every day but that day he made Momma smile without having to say anything... And she doesn't get enough smiles anymore. I take advantage of Holiday, I try to take in all the time with Daddy when he can actually show that he's happy and has energy to make us happy too. My Daddy is such an incredible man and Holiday allows him to show his true personality and say sarcastic comments that will make you spit out your drink you're laughing so hard. I will never meet a better man in my entire life.

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