Sunday, August 5, 2012

While he Sleeps

Every day continued on, work school work drive down to cook for Momma and my brother, or work go see Daddy work maybe do some homework, every day... On and on. I didn't feel much, somehow my body and mind were able to just do what I needed them to do and that was it... Until, Daddy fell asleep.

Every time I'd go to see Daddy, PT and nurses would be in and out keeping him awake. I'd try my hardest to distract him and keep him entertained, I even downloaded some of his favorite board games as apps onto my phone so we could play. Then came serene moments, when Daddy was able to fall asleep. He made funny facial expressions, and would moan sometimes, but at least he was asleep. Cancer can't get him in his dreams. Those moments were when my emotions would overcome me... I'd cry silently so I wouldn't wake him up, I'd think about how to quickly fix my face so when he woke up he couldn't tell I was crying, and then it'd get to a point where there were no more tears, just sadness, just a feeling in my chest that wouldn't go away... Ever

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