Thursday, August 9, 2012

Toll Money

The only hardship I really found I had to deal with was toll money and parking garage money. The gas money didn't bother me, it was my choice to live a half hour from my parents and an hour away from the city. I just hated the fact that money had me dictating when I could see Daddy. If I didnt have enough money that day, I couldn't go to the city to see him. Sometimes I'd ask for money from my Momma, but I hate doing that. So when I was spending time with Daddy, I made it count. I started to stay up late and do my homework instead of doing it while I was visiting with him so that I could just focus on him. I also started packing my lunches and snacks so that I wouldn't have to waste time in line at the cafeteria. I prayed every night for more time with my Daddy.

Still praying for that, every night.

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