Monday, August 13, 2012

PT was hard

Physical therapy for Daddy's new titanium femurs was rough, he said it felt like he had to lift 30lbs of extra weight just to move his legs. It didn't help that he still hadn't gotten anymore feeling back in his legs due his spinal tumors. Those things just wouldn't give. PT's and PTA's would come in to the room fairly often, doing bed exercises and getting Daddy up on a walker. He couldn't do much on the walker, so I knew we were going to have to go back to that awful nursing home. Our county refused to designate their nursing homes as "acute care", so we were stuck with this one because insurance would cover it.... Made me sick to my stomach thinking of sending him back there. Daddy seemed to be in good spirits though, a lot better than prior to the surgery.

Prior to this surgery, I think Daddy wanted to really give up but Momma and I convinced him to push through and receive this surgery. We just hoped it would be his last. Three surgeries in three months, I don't know how his body was able to cope and be so resilient through it all. Now we had to start planning for the nursing home again, and somehow finding a way that I could be with him for the back and forth to radiation again. This wasn't going to be as easy as last time, because last time I was on winter break. Daddy was receiving his chemo infusion in his hospital bed as I was trying to figure out everything... Did I eat that day? I remember thinking that to myself... Priorities I guess.

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