Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Havent written in a while

So after dealing with the screaming lady on the second floor, we actually got Daddy's orthopedic surgeon to call the CEO of the nursing home chain and demand that Daddy be moved as far away from the screaming woman as possible because the environment she created was not conducive to his healing process... He finally got moved to the first floor! The rehab floor! Where he belonged ALL ALONG. His new roomie was a deaf gentleman who I assume has type one diabetes circulation complications because both legs were amputated, one below the knee and one above. The man was very friendly and watched his TV with subtitles.

The idiot doctors and nurses (nursing home NEVER had an ASL interpreter for him, EVER) would just yell louder at him, he is DEAF he cannot hear you!!! ...and since he had to play charades to be able to communicate his needs, I bet his needs were never fully met.

I felt bad, but I never met any family or visitors to be able to discuss my concerns with them. Momma and I would bring him sugar free treats and baked goods, they seemed to brighten his day enough.

At least Daddy was on the rehab floor and could wheel himself to the physical therapy room by himself, this way his PT was never forgotten about and he received therapy every day. He also finally had the window side bed. He could see the Natty-Boh man at the brewery light up every night and could feel like he wasn't confined... As much.

I just wanted him home...

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