Thursday, January 23, 2014


Monday's usually suck as it is, but this Monday (even though I will be in FL), will suck even more.
Why is that? ... it will mark 4 months.

4 whole months.

I don't even know how so much time has passed, it feels like I blinked... yet every time I truly do blink, I can see my father's smiling face. I can literally hear his voice without even concentrating. I pray that this never changes... my mother has yet to cancel his phone line because we want to be able to call his voicemail and hear "Hi this is Gregory Lehnert, I am not able to answer the phone right now, please leave a message and I will get back to you." I can't explain why, it is just comforting.

4 months.

I've never been away from either of my parents for that long, ever.
This just isn't getting any easier, and I can't fathom how people find people find true happiness after a piece of their being dies, gone forever.

This weekend I will be on my mini honeymoon with my wonderful husband, a much needed distraction and vacation. I just wish I could say that the happiness I'll experience this weekend will continue when I return.

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