Monday, January 6, 2014

Harry Potter

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have quite the obsession with Harry Potter.

Not only have I been attached to the books since elementary school, but the movies allow me to escape into magic whenever I desire... which is, a lot.

It's not just some nerdy, quirky, thing for me. Harry Potter is a true escape from this world. While my mom was sick, and then while my Daddy was sick, I literally would watch a different HP movie almost every night to fall asleep. It's comforting, it's relaxing, it allows me to dream and wonder while I otherwise could not.

I have always found it hard to sleep at night, but while Daddy fought so valiantly against kidney cancer, I found it even harder because I would lie there wondering what he was thinking about, what he was watching on Netflix, if his chemo had worked this round, if his side effects were too much to bare. Putting on a HP would envelope my psyche and all the thoughts with it and take me into the fantasy world... where there is no cancer, and even if there was, I'm sure there's a spell that Madam Pomphrey knows, or a potion she could whip up to make it go away... for good. The sense of escape and comfort does not exist in our reality, because evils like cancer do exist. I would rather face Lord Voldemort than face cancer ever again...

This all probably sounds ridiculous to you all, but it's true for me.

I cannot, literally cannot, wait to visit Harry Potter world at Universal Studios again.
What an adventure, guilt free, pain free, stress free, worry free.


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