Sunday, August 18, 2013

I cant

I've reached the point where I can't carry everyone else's burdens anymore. I can't handle the crap anymore, I cant tiptoe around feelings or sensitivities, my heart can't handle the levels of stress I've been carrying around anymore. I can't take the blame and responsibility for family members who can't pull their own weight anymore, I do the work of a dozen people because of others' laziness and bullshit. I can't run my own errands and household and my parents' at the same time. Just because it's difficult to find time to do things does not make it okay to put all of your responsibilities into someone else. Just because I can sometimes find the time to help out above and beyond should not mean that I have to accept that above and beyond responsibility all the time. I may be 23, but I am not a parent and shouldn't have to be.

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