Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Being Discharged Next Week

We had a care plan meeting today, where someone from each department of the nursing home was present, we did not recognize half of them. They tried to make the meeting all about Daddy's potential discharge next Tuesday, little did they know that my mother and I had planned a bit of a sneak attack...they really should have seen it coming. Mom wrote up a whole list of concerns we have had with the care Dad has received, because it has been AWFUL! I added to it, she made copies, and I took over the meeting... the nurse manager tried to welcome us to the meeting and make nice with us, I just stood up and asked what everyone's job titles were, i heard case manager, she got a copy, i heard nursing administration, she got a copy, and then my third copy went to the nursing manager who was sitting right next to me. I sat down and asked them to go over every concern listed on that paper, explain why it occurred to begin with, why it hasn't been fixed yet (because if it had we still wouldn't be complaining about it at this point), and how they intend on righting their wrongs. They barely had any answers, and sometimes they just looked at me because there was no right answer to what I was asking... because they are failing their patients.

Why were his oncologist's orders for medication ignored?
Why has Dad NEVER seen ANY doctor during his ENTIRE stay here?
Why does he not have a wheelchair that he fits in? is comfortable in?
Why do his techs leave his urinal out of his reach? he is on a diuretic, it;s a miracle he hasn't wet himself!
Why is the food unrecognizable?
Why hasn't Dad received PT on the weekends? I mean, it is the only true reason we wanted him at a rehab facility anyhow!!??!?!?!?!

AHHHHHHH SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank the Lord that he has been approved to come home next Tuesday!!! it can't come soon enough!!!!!!!

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