Friday, August 16, 2013

All nursing homes are disgusting

Our experiences with nursing homes have been awful. The only reason Daddy has been in one is because he needed the physical therapy. The last one in Baltimore City would let patients sit in their dirty diapers to the point that the entire facility smelt like urine. This place, is not much better. It's small, Daddy doesn't fit anywhere, and they don't have any wheel chairs big enough for him so he doesn't get to sit up enough to relieve his pressure sores on his back because sitting in a chair too small is too uncomfortable for him. This place NEVER cleans out his bedside commode properly, just pieces of fecal matter floating in water next to his bed! How gross! They take FOREVER to respond to his call bell, and never do any job 100%. I just don't understand, why work in a facility like this if you don't care about your patients? The nurses and doctors here are terrible at communicating with his oncologist. His mediciations still aren't being given to him to his oncologist's standards. So Daddy suffers... Also, they still hsvent approved his chemo medicine when he was supposed to start it over the weekend, so we may or may not be sneaking it in to him every day. It will be a cold day in Hell when my mother and I let his tumors keep growing because the incompetency of this nursing home has yet to get his chemo to him.

To top it all off, yesterday I came in to find him not clothed in bed. He asked his tech to get him a different pair of pants from the closet because the ones she picked were too tight for his swollen legs. She took that to mean that he didn't want to get dressed?!?!?!?! How freaking ridiculous, and he is too nice to demand a supervisor to talk to, so I did. Got him a new tech and filed a complaint against the old one. How does that even happen? Oh! And his breakfast AND lunch were both an hour late because she couldn't find his tray, it was on top of the lunch cart instead of inside it. Holy crap... Never let your loved go to a nursing home funded by insurance, only out of pocket, yes it sucks for your wallet, but it's better than them being humiliated and treated like crap. If Daddy didn't NEED the every day physical therapy, I'd take him straight home.

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