Friday, August 30, 2013

He's Home :)

Tuesday evening we brought Daddy home from the nursing home. He hasn't gotten out of bed since then... He hasn't eaten much. He hasn't smiled yet... It aches my heart all the way through my chest to see him like this. The nursing home couldnt even get his discharge done correctly. It took four calls back and forth to get his medications called into our pharmacy... So he went two full days without! Insanity. And then they have the balls to call his cell phone, when my mom and I are points of contact on every single form and I was the one who signed his discharge forms, and to ask him if his discharge to home went okay. WHAT?! I'm just happy to say that our insurance company, a huge insurance company, has filed a claim against the nursing home and is conducting an investigation based on our complaints and they will no longer be sending any patients there.

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