Friday, September 6, 2013

To Find Peace

When Daddy was first diagnosed, I reached out to a few kidney cancer support groups. These groups have given me some very special people who now play important roles in my life. One is my friend, E. E is a mother, but she is still a daughter. A daughter to a woman with kidney cancer. Her mother was such a strong woman, fighting this cancer with all she could, until she couldnt anymore. She decided that hospice was the right decision for her, she knew her end was near. Cancer makes loved ones go through the longest goodbyes possible... We wake up knowing that each day could be their last, but we have to grin and bear it because we don't want them to focus on death. We want them to be happy in all the ways they can be, considering. Being a child of someone with cancer is a very hard job to have... And the job isn't over when our parents finally find their peace, because we have to go on. And E, she will go on, she will pick herself up and be reinforced in strength knowing that her mother is no longer suffering, she has found her peace.


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