Friday, September 6, 2013

Just Sleeps

All Daddy does lately is sleep. I get to the house around 11am each day and leave around 4pm, that whole time, he is asleep except if I am forcing him to eat something... Because he isn't eating much lately at all.

Im not really sure how to feel about this, this is what my Pa called, wilting. He said that people wilt until they die. They sleep, they sleep, and sleep, and usually shrink to nothing. I know Daddy is going to die, but I just wish me making all this effort to be at his bedside meant that I at least for to talk to him, not just watch Netflix as he sleeps.

The only comfort I am taking in all of this is that at least he doesn't feel as alone as he used to because he is asleep, he's not sitting around bored out of his mind. Also, I hope he passes away peacefully in his sleep, he deserves that. He deserves the best.

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