Friday, June 29, 2012

The Miracle Man

So the doctors told us about all the places the kidney cancer had spread to, but that the spinal tumors were what was causing Daddy's numbness in his legs so we needed to address them first. We waited almost half a day for the spinal surgeon of the hospital to come talk with us after he looked at Daddy's scans. Momma and I tried to force ourselves to eat something at the hospital cafeteria, Daddy and I watched our favorite show (NCIS), and I texted Ken all day since he was at work. Finally, this tiny little doctor comes in and introduces himself as a surgeon. He says that Daddy's spinal surgery is impossible and that him not his colleagues would be able to perform it. This hit us hard. Momma and Daddy held in their tears while I asked this surgeon what else we could do. He suggested radiation and that he would send up the radiation oncologist right away to start a plan.
When the radiation doctor finally came into the room, he explained that radiation requires mapping, and then treatments of a couple of weeks. He said that mapping would consist of making a mold of Daddy's back and putting tiny tattoos on him do that they know exactly where to aim everything. We planned on going for mapping the next day.
While I rode along in Daddy's ambulance to radiation, my mother was on her way to work. She commutes 30 miles each way to the city where she works miracles for the people of our state and gets their insurances to cover things that they originally deny, even if that means going to court for them. She had so many thoughts on her mind as she drove on autopilot to work when she gets a call on her cell phone. She answers and it's a man's voice that introduces himself as a surgeon from a hospital in the city and that he has something to say. Momma told him she was driving into work and he tells her to pull over because what he has to say is very important. She pulls over on the side of I95, and this doctor tells her that he is a spinal surgeon and that he will be able to perform the spinal surgery that Daddy needs. We found a miracle. She takes a deep breath, and immediately calls the hospital where Daddy is now and tells them that he will no longer need their radiation and that he will need a transport to the city hospital because even though their surgeon said this surgery was not possible, the city hospital surgeon said it was possible!! Our Miracle Man:):)

Our transport workers for the ambulance company stuck around and waited for paper work from the hospital so that Daddy could be moved. It took a few hours, but the doctors finally got their acts together. We boarded into the ambulance and headed to the city. The bumpy roads of the city had Daddy crying out in agony. He was on a stretcher in the back of the ambulance and his tumors were being squeeze with every bump. I yelled back to him that we were almost there, just a few more blocks, but I knew nothing I could say would truly help his pain. The ambulance entrance to the hospital was finally in sight, and we wheeled Daddy's stretcher up to the cardiac step down unit. Daddy was put into this unit because of his history of heart problems that the doctors needed to monitor prior to surgery. We got him as comfortable as possible in his bed in a room with a spectacular view. The room was on the corner of the hospital and two of its walls we're windows overlooking the city. We waited for Momma and Ken to get off of work, and we both ended up falling asleep watching our NCIS marathon.
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