Friday, June 14, 2013

Radiation Round 4

Last week we met with a new radiation oncologist, we didn't really know what he was going to say because we hadn't heard from our regular oncologist regarding an MRI Daddy had a few weeks ago... Not exactly a nice feeling being left in the dark. Uncertainty is the silent worry that everyone fails to warn cancer patients and their families about. This doctor and his resident told us that they saw a mass, a tumor, on Daddy's back left side of ribs that was growing towards his spinal cord... His half steel and severely compromised spinal cord.... They thought it was most likely the cause of a lot of his new pain but there is no real way to tell or know for sure. However, it needed to be treated with radiation regardless because its growth needed to be stopped or his spinal cord would be in severe danger and it could be the end of Daddy's already on borrowed time life. Daddy is angry that the doctors can't figure out why he is in so much new pain and even angrier at the fact that he is going through another round of agonizing radiation for a maybe fix... I try to reassure him that it is a needed treatment to help extend his life, but I don't think he cares so much about that fact anymore... I would really be in shock and awe if he made it to my wedding this Thanksgiving... No matter how much I'd like him to be there, I can't get my hopes up.

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