Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cancer Can Be A Blessing

Recently, a friends grandmother, who I've known my entire life, and even calls me her granddaughter, was diagnosed with lung cancer. And today she underwent all kinds of imaging and started her chemotherapy journey. Cancer has effected so many people in my life, Daddy having cancer has opened my eyes to how prevelent this nasty disease is all around us. It's truly disgusting how common it is, and with no real cure, only bandaids and scarce miracles .

Today my friend said that she believes that everything happens for a reason, but it is hard to find one for cancer. She's right. But in my rational crazy thought processes, ive come up with God's reasons for my Daddy getting cancer.

He was the most stressed out person I have ever known, my brother and I didn't help, but with work and money and just day to day activities, he was so stressed and sometimes really angry. Cancer forced him, literally, to lie down and relax. His stress was a different kind of stress now, stressed about his life expectancy, but at least now he was surrounded by family as much as possible and his only worries were for himself, and not work.

My Daddys cancer also gave me motivation. Motivation to get two degrees in one year, to make a life for myself with the most amazing man I've ever met. Motivation to get in the best shape of my life. The last day of this last round of radiation, one of the hospital valets told me I am the only woman he's ever seen that can lift such a large wheelchair with one arm into a trunk. My Daddy is my motivation, I need to stay in top shape to be able to take care of a 270 pound disabled man.

My Daddys cancer has also motivated me to look at my own stress levels, exercise helps me a lot, but so does eating clean. Taking out processed flours from my diet has made my mental clarity ten times better. I also am getting back into yoga to help with my stress levels. I firmly believe that stress helps fuel cancer growth, and that positive life changes can ease cancers effects.

Cancer can be a blessing in disguise. You just need to look harder.

I love you, Irene.
Grandma will be just fine <3

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