Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rough Night

Daddy had quite the night last night. Mom woke up around 3am to a noise downstairs and it turned out to be Daddy shivering uncontrollably. She put up the heat and turned on the electric fireplace we bought for Daddy and covered him literally head to toe in blankets, still shivered for over an hour. The shivering finally subsided, and then he began to throw up over and over. Once he was done he was able to fall back asleep but Jerez.... These are the worst chemo side effects we have dealt with so far... I don't like it one bit!! He was doing so well with the full dosage of Sutent... This episode scares me to think that the doctor might take him off of it now... No good. I'm goin down to see him now and I have to mentally prepare myself for what I'm going to see... Hasn't he suffered enough? Why can't he just be better already? It's not fair.

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