Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Problems, New Sadness

Yesterday, Daddy woke up with both of his legs being more swollen than normal and his left looking almost like mild pictures of elephantitis I had seen in my genetics courses. I helped him get changed and washed up today and his legs, where he has limited sensation to begin with, we're giving him so much pain he couldn't lift his leg high enough for me to take his socks off. He tried so hard to, but I could see the tears about to pour from his eyes and I made adjustments. Tomorrow my mom and brother have to take him down to a crappy little building just outside the hospital we normally go to (because insurances suck) to get an ultrasound of his leg to rule out or detect a blood clot... But with all the swelling, I am terrified that his lone kidney has started to fail... And it seriously pains me to think about it because out of his children, my brother is the likely tissue and blood match for him, and my brother is far from a healthy individual, I am afraid that his kidney might not be healthy enough for transplantation... Even though I know my brother would be more than willing to give Daddy a kidney, just like I would be. I just hate how much new pain Daddy is experiencing... It's worse than ever, his patience is as low as ever, today I really thought he would've given up and let tears come out if I hadn't of been there.

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