Thursday, March 7, 2013

For Some Reason

For some reason lately, EVERYTHING I hear or watch on radio or tv just screams CANCER. Country songs... Hell any love song. Tv shows and movies, I find myself double checking to make sure there's no mention of cancer before daddy and I watch it because I don't want to upset him or myself. I saw a poem on Pinterest, Walk Along Side Me Daddy... My eyes are still full of tears and I'm just trying really hard not to blink so that they don't fall down my cheeks. Watching daddy be in so much pain lately has just led me be such an emotional wreck. I either sleep too much or barely at all, either way having zero energy. I honestly have no idea how I'm comprehending my coursework, let alone forming functional thought sequences for day to day tasks... I HATE THIS. WHY MY DAD. WHY HIM WHY IT'S JUST NOT FAIR. I just want him to be able to sleep in the positions he wants, without the tumor inside his sternum causing him so much pain.... :(:(:(

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