Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hurting All Over

Watching Daddy completing his limited day to day tasks, he hurts. Sitting up, standing up, sitting down. By far the worst though is when he lays down into bed, I have to close my eyes and pretend I'm not hearing the sounds of agony coming from him, otherwise I'd cry every single time. Once he's laying down for a little while the pain subsides and I can tuck his legs and feet under the covers for him. Chemo makes it worse, cold makes it worse, being up in his wheelchair for a while makes it worse, but nothing makes it better. Sometimes I try to convince him to let me bring his lunch or dinner to his bed and ill eat there with him just so that I don't have to witness his agony getting to the kitchen table. Plus, usually after he eats lunch he will just pass out, sleep is good, very good, but he sleeps a lot lately... With the December 5th CT scans coming up so quickly, my mind races...

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