Monday, July 22, 2013

The hospital...

This hospital has yet to give us any real answers... They've ran multiple tests now, and nothing. This poor man is being put through so much, all for these doctors to say "I don't know" ... He's currently getting an mri and I doubt they'll find anything... He had a CT scan yesterday, and no one, NO ONE even cared enough to come tell us the results of it... Even if the results are negative, a doctor, a tech, a nurse, hell I don't care if it's the dietary aide! Someone needs to come and tell us that it was negative! You DO NOT leave a cancer fighting family wondering! They go through enough stress with every check up scan, it's called scanxiety. It's natural. But these idiots need to realize the patients they're dealing with, not telling our family about the results (even if negative) is torturous! I have pretty much lost faith in the healthcare system in this county... This hospital is useless if you ask me. Unfortunately Daddy needed immediate medical attention when he fell and threw up blood, so we got stuck coming here... The hospital that diagnosed his cancer to begin with... The hospital whose doctors told us that his spinal tumors were inoperable... That he would only have months to live. They wanted to give up and let him die then, what's to say that's not what theyre doing now?


  1. I stumbled onto your blog Kathleen and I'm reading... My dad is suffering from RCC as well.
    I feel your pain as it's my own too.
    Hang in there.

  2. Thank you for sharing, I am glad you found it :) best wishes to you and your family!