Monday, December 17, 2012

Lately it's Been Rough

A little over a week ago, my grandfather (Pa-88 years old), had a pretty major abdominal surgery. He only started waking up yesterday, we thought that was a good sign until today when his kidneys decided they didn't want to start working right again. We are all preparing for his passing any day now... This is especially hard on my mother and I hate watching her go through this. Her and I have mastered how to emotionally handle "preparing for the worst", because it is our daily reality with Daddy. But to have to do it for her father too... She's been having a rough go of it. She asked me, "how can I handle losing my father and maybe my husband all in the same year?"
I didn't and couldn't answer her. How could I? I love my Pa, but I know that he, unlike Daddy, has lived a long and eventful life. Yes, I'll be extremely saddened if he dies, but I will be able to cope with it very easily. That sounds terrible, but death has become as easy a thing for me to talk about as the weather, and I'm glad it has. I need to be able to handle whatever happens. So I know that I will shed tears for Pa, but most of my tears will be for Momma...

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